Securing admission is nowadays tedious and admission is not enough for your successful academic endeavor achievement too. The biggest hurdle in the process of education is payment. Assistance or scholarship or financial aid is the best practices here to reduce this burden to a great extent. There is a strict procedure and documentation necessity intertwined well in this context. When looking for scholarships, there are 4 options to keep in mind and those are:

how to get scholarships in university

  1. Academic Assistance or Private or Federal Aids:

    Bigger scholarships are always a first choice here for many of the students those are intended to pursue under graduation. Here, your school or college is a best option to avail this scholarship that is available from the academic body or from the private sources or from the federal options. Generally, this kind of scholarship is offered based on the past academic excellence and other achievements. Scholarship board will review the applicants to decide the suitability and eligibility to avail these big scholarships.

    Apply for TOEFL Scholarship worth Rs 44 Lakh
  2.  Financial Aid Options:

    Schools and colleges always keep certain financial aid and scholarship options for the new students every year. These will differ from institute to institute. These options are available at the official website of the college or university. Very often, these options are separated in the form of in-state students and out of the state students and international students. It is imperative to apply for the scholarship based on your status.
  3. Scholarship Applications & Documentation:

    The procedure to apply for scholarship application online at the official website of the college or university is custom made. It is not necessary for the student to apply separately for each scholarship or financial aid option. When it comes to application for FSFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) will be same throughout the country. Here, it is mandatory for the student to furnish the needed documents or information along with the application besides duly fulfilling the set deadlines in it too.
  4. Financial Aid Necessity:

    It is highly imperative for the applicant to demonstrate well the need for the financial support. Full scholarships are mainly offered to the local students and some will be offered to others too basing up on the exceptional situations. Your necessity for the financial support mentioned in the application will play a vital role here in securing the aid successfully.
There will always be two phases of life for the professionals in this world. For engineers, it is always mentioned as BE (Before Engineering) and AE (After Engineering). It is very common for many of the individuals to expect promising future after successful completion of the engineering program, but some seen complaining at this stage too. You can attribute this phenomenon to many factors like competition, confusion, wrong direction, and wrong behaviors.

Higher education or Employment after Engineering

Confusion is definitely an important factor that can lead to bitter experiences for the professional after successful completion of the engineering studies. Here, it is quite imperative for every student to have a proper planning while doing their engineering through judging well their pros and cons with the various subjects in the program. If a student can understand his or her traits in comparison with their command on the various subjects, then they can easily get rid of this confusion at the career selection front. Once after overcoming this confusion factor, competition is there instantly to pull you back from your ambitions and goals. Here, it is always a best thing to understand well your competition and keep yourself a step above to all others. The best way to beat this competition is through developing your profile special and innovative than all others. Then, there is wrong direction is something that can make you end up at wrong places for sure at the career front. There are many opportunities available for you after successful completion of the engineering from the government and private sectors. It is not good to restrict yourself to a particular sector and keep up yourself open to every opportunity that comes on your way. Wrong behavior is another thing that can ruin your profile to the drastic extent. While applying for the jobs, it is imperative to be receptive always. It is not wise to be choosy and take anything that gives you a chance to acquire good experience and exposure at the real work front. 

Higher Education

Every year many engineers are passing out from the colleges in India and among them some will look for the jobs while others intended to pursue their higher education. Masters in technology is the next level of academics you can choose after the successful completion of the engineering. Graduate engineers need to take GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering) to obtain admission into the masters. Very often, successful completion of this GATE will entitle you to bag the job in the best Public Sector Units like BEL, NTPC, HPCL, Gail and some more too. Students those qualified in GATE will be offered with stipend too. This successful completion of Masters will again entitle you to take up the best jobs those are available or otherwise interested students will have chance to pursue research on their field too. Also, there is another diversification to choose after this master program too. People with interest for business management can take up management programs in addition through taking up another exam as MAT or CAT. It is possible to pursue this master’s program in India as well as in abroad too. People interested in pursuing this program in abroad need to take up GRE as well as TOEFL or IELTS or TOEIC in addition. This program successful completion in abroad can open wide vistas for you at the global landscape with lucrative pay packages and additional benefits. It is all in how you plan and how you succeed with it at the academic front and it will ensure a bright career path for your future.

Importance of TOEFL / IELTS for your University Admission


Employment is always a best approach for all to obtain the best practical exposure and experience in the field. It is always a wise step for all to acquire little experience to plan their future brighter. Nowadays, employers are choosier about their employees. They look for special skills besides general and technical aptitude. It is important for the job seeker to be aware of these interests of the employers in order to improve their success rate at the job securing front. Keep yourself a best combination of a social intelligence and emotional intelligence besides acquiring special skills. The present day trends in India are motivating an engineering graduate to be an entrepreneur too. There are plenty of choices to make for this purpose besides the huge encouragement from the government too. Now, there are wide array of choices surrounded to an engineering graduate to select either to be an employee or an employer.

A student applying for the admission in an English speaking country needs to prove his or her English proficiency through taking up special test like TOEFL or IELTS. Here, IELTS means International English Language Testing Services while TOEFL means Test for English as a Foreign Language.

What will you choose Toefl or Ielts for admission

IELTS and TOEFL both are designed to test the English language proficiency of the non-native speakers. Students from the countries those are non-native speakers of English language interested in pursuing higher studies in English speaking nations need to take up any of these tests. These tests will evaluate student’s reading, listening, speaking and writing skills to the required extent. The fee for these tests will vary between $150 and $250.

The aim and testing procedure of the both tests are similar, but carried out totally in a different ways. This is causing into little confusion to select which one is better for their successful admission needs. Also, very commonly few aspirants will deliberately ask which one is easier too. Here, speaking part of the test is the major difference between both tests. This speaking part is carried out face to face by the examiner in IELTS while it requires answering 6 questions through microphone with TOEFL. These will be evaluated by the special examiner in the recorded version.

There is another difference between both tests that is scoring sheet. Here, IELTS rate the score between 0 and 9 while TOEFL offer it in numerical format grading. Also, TOEFL is conducted through a NGO education testing service while IELTS is conducted by British Council of the University of Cambridge ESOL examinations and IDP Education Australia in the pure UK English format. So, accent, spell variations and some more will always vary with each tests basing up on the examination conducting body too.
Statement of purpose is always your way to elevate well your candidature above to other applicants. This is a statement to offer detailed overview of the applicant besides to the acquired grades, test scores and additional requirements. It will present you in a whole new approach to the admission selection committee to review or evaluate your candidature. It is obviously a best opportunity for every applicant to present their candidature in a better way than all others and it will lay a successful path for the admission easily.

Statement of Purpose writing secrets

Salient aspects of your SOP:

  • It is always a successful approach to start your SOP with the best opening lines or in the form of well written paragraphs.
  • It is imperative to this statement to offer the best glimpse of the personality of the applicant.
  • Convey well in it the subject command and past academic preparation in a way to make it as a best suitability to the applied program.
  • It is highly essential to include in the statement your understanding over the chosen program through mentioning well the challenges and rewards involved in it.
  • It is important that the statement and its content should demonstrate well the applicant’s maturity levels, stamina, compassion, leadership qualities and teamwork abilities.
  • It is always a best approach to describe your emotions through taking an event as an example with detailing well in it.

How to Turn Your SOP into Winning Format Explained:

  1. Writing a winning SOP is not alone about your academic experiences and it is always wise to add it with some additional information. It is always a best way to present you with life experiences in it like the kind of journey you traveled in the life so far and the kind of experiences stored in it. You can add your past triumphs and bitter experiences in a way to display well your abilities and maturity to the selection committee.
  2. Passion is another important thing that should be displayed in detail through this statement of purpose. Here, it is a good approach to write this on the chosen program by mentioning, how it would be more inspiring for you to reach well your future goals and ambitions through the successful completion of the chosen program.
  3. It is always essential to write this statement with telling effect in a way each and every word in it can make a mark over the reader. This kind of story telling will always have its rewarding effect in return for sure.
  4. This statement should present your knowledge and command on the program in detail. Here, it is good to illustrate a research of a professor or a special theory in it.
  5. It is always essential to keep your statement genuine and real with no chances to cheat.
  6. It is very common for many of the applicants to be blank while intended to write this statement, but you have to overcome this situation with motivating approach.
  7. It is important to add this statement with your past achievements, hobbies, failures, dislikes, likes and volunteer working if any.

Yours SOP Structure

It is good to keep this statement with three parts. The first part in it should be assigned to summarize chosen program and particular research intended to be performed by you in it. The second part in it should be utilized to list college experiences and exactly, what lead you to choose this program. Also, include in it about your school endeavors, summer job experiences, research experiences and some more. The third part is good to use to write about yours interest on graduate school. Here, it is a good approach to write about your interest and idea on the chosen program through mentioning about the kind of research planned by you in it.

Writing Structure for SOP:

  • Introduction: Your introduction part of the SOP should tell about your planned study. It is good to write here about your major subjects and their importance.
  • Past Academics: It is a best approach to summarize your undergraduate study and mention in detail about your past classes those motivated you to choose the planned program now.
  • Past Research: Mention your past academic research project and your responsibilities in it. Here, it is imperative to keep the details of this project totally technical as the readers will always be professors.
  • Past Experiences: List your past work experiences and volunteering experiences in detail through matching them all well with the chosen program.
  • Future Ambition: Write in detail, what is that you intended to acquire through this chosen program. This should mention more about your future ambitions and goals and how the chosen program successful completion can make it reality for you.
  • Area of Interest: You should write about your area of interest in the chosen program.
SOP definitely plays a vital role in the admission selection procedure and writing it in the way the selection committee can appreciate it will be the best way to winning your spot.
Interested in studying a good course abroad? Getting a scholarship can make it much easier for many students.
Study Abroad with TOEFL Scholarship

Educational Testing Service (ETS) has announced 10 scholarships worth US$70,000 (approximately Rs. 4,445,700) for students with excellent academic excellence. Each scholarship worth US$7,000 will support a range of of educational initiatives focused on helping students.

The scholarships will support TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)  test takers willing to pursue undergraduate or graduate study in India or abroad at any of the 9,000 plus institutes across the globe that accept the TOEFL test. Based on the applications, 100 semifinalists will be shortlisted and informed in August.

Following the announcement, all shortlisted candidates need to submit additional information as desired by September 8, 2015. Winners will be announced in the month of October.

All recipients will receive the funds later this year and they can apply for the fund money only for their academic expenses. The amount will be disbursed to the candidate once he/she arrives on the campus.

Eligibility: All applicants must be Indian residents who have started applying for admissions between June 2015 and May 2016 at any university or college listed in .

All applicants should mandatorily demonstrate proficiency in English language and have a valid TOEFL score. Also, every applicant must have a grade-point average of 80 or higher on a 100-point scale, or a 3.0 grade-point average or higher on a 4-point scale.

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The graduate record examination or GRE may not be the easiest examination to sit for but as 2014 showed, its popularity in India is increasing by the year.

“During 2014, the number of repeat tests reached an all-time high. Our research showed that nearly one out of four people in India take the GRE test more than once,” Dawn Piacentino, director of communication and services for the GRE Program at ETS, said in a statement.

1 out of 4 students take Gre test

The standardized test is an admissions requirement for most graduate schools in the US. Created and administered by educational testing service (ETS) in 1949, GRE aims to measure verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills.

With the importance of the examination and its high difficulty level, students very often take the test more than once in an attempt to improve their scores. Score select, an option available with GRE tests, offers students up to five years to send graduate schools their best scores. In 2014, the number of people in India taking the GRE for a second time grew by 14 per cent compared to 2013. A new analysis by ETS revealed that most people who took the test a second time did better. More than 60 per cent students who took the GRE revised general test a second time in India scored higher in verbal reasoning measure, while 66 per cent scored higher on the quantitative reasoning measure.

MUMBAI: The dearth of quality higher education and increasing competition for limited seats available in existing institutions is forcing nearly 6.8 lakh Indian students to head abroad for studies, a recent ASSOCHAM study has revealed.

 As a fallout, higher educational institutions including the IITs are losing roughly $6-7 billion (Rs 50,000 crore approx) annually that these Indian students are spending on their higher education abroad. What's more, a miniscule number of them are choosing to return home, says the ASSOCHAM study on 'Skilling India: Empowering Indian Youth through World Class Education'.

More and more Indian students are aspiring to go to newer destinations such as Singapore, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Canada, China and Norway, among others. This year, there has been a rise of 20-25% in the number of students travelling abroad to new destinations for higher education.

As per the study, more than 2.9 lakh Indians went abroad in 2013 and the count shot up to 6.8 lakh this year.

"An important reason for many Indians choosing to study abroad is the lack of good institutions in India and growing competition for limited seats amongst the existing institutes. Very few universities in India provide good quality education and thus the challenge of securing admission in them becomes more daunting each year," said ASSOCHAM Secretary General D S. Rawat in a release.

He cited the example of Delhi University, which has consistently set challenging cut-offs for admission. Most subjects require students to score in excess of 80%, with the cut-offs for popular subjects like economics ranging between 90% to 98%. Similarly, an engineering aspirant has lower than a one in 50 chance of securing admission into the IITs.

While the IITs with an annual enrolment of 10,000-15,000 focus only the brightest of the bright, not a single great worldwide patent has emerged nor have they produced a single Nobel Laureate, said the paper.

"This is despite the government pouring thousands of millions of rupees into their establishment and upkeep,'' the study noted.

While most of the IITians choose to go abroad for research, they do not return home after obtaining their doctoral programmes.

The study suggested setting up of a National Higher Education Commission (NHEC), an independent regulator on the lines of SEBI or CVC ( Central Vigilance Commission). The proposed NHEC must ensure mandatory quality rating of all universities and institutions of higher learning, be they government, state, autonomous or private, it said.

Washington: Aiming to attract more students from abroad, including India, the Obama administration has proposed to provide six-year work permit to certain category of foreigners who come to study in the US.
Jobs in US - 6 Years Work Permit Visa

Washington: Aiming to attract more students from abroad, including India, the Obama administration has proposed to provide six-year work permit to certain category of foreigners who come to study in the US.

The move, likely to benefit Indian students the most is being opposed by a top Republican lawmaker. According to new regulations proposed by the Department of Homeland Security, foreign students in science, technology, engineering and maths collectively called STEM would be allowed to work in the US for six years — three years after finishing an undergraduate programme, and then if it is needed, another three years after a graduate programme.

Currently, foreign students are authorized to work for a 12-month period after graduation from a US degree programme. Foreign students graduating from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math degree programmes are granted an additional 17 months of employment.

The new proposals have been submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee, according to which the students in non-STEM category would get work permit for three years if they had a STEM degree.

Given that students from India are mainly in STEM courses, the proposal if implemented would highly benefit Indian students.  However, the proposal has met its first tough hurdle from Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee.  In a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Grassley said the proposed new regulations, while still being internally discussed, are irresponsible and dangerous considering the Government Accountability Office report issued in March 2014 finding that the programme was full of inefficiencies, susceptible to fraud, and that the Department was not adequately overseeing it.

“Thus, under the proposed new regulation, a foreigners could work in the US post-graduation on a student visa for a total of up to six years, completely outside of the non immigrant employment-based visa programmes, and their associated worker protections, established by Congress,” Grassley said.

Studying abroad may be a dream for many, but it is definitely a best way to acquire multiple benefits by a student through the international education. A foreign nation as destination for your study opens wide vistas for the student to improve their academic skills besides learning more about another culture on the face of this earth.

There are many benefits through studying in abroad and some of those are:

8 more reasons to study Abroad
  1. It is a best opportunity to learn a new language and new culture. This foreign education exposes you to this new language from all spectrums of your daily routine in a way it can be your extra qualification. Language learning is always quick and effective through the considered education at the foreign lands.

  2. Many experts always say that travel helps to improve knowledge. A student opted for abroad education will get this opportunity of travel in a better format than any other. While studying at international location, student will tend to explore surroundings of the new location during weekend breaks. This is a best type of travel experience to expand the knowledge about the way world carrying over around us.

  3. Nearly 6.8 lakh Indian students heading Abroad due to lack of Education

  4. This international education will expose you to different kinds of learning experience and different types of academic skills acquisition. Academic skills vary from one nation to other in this world. A student opted for international education will benefit here more in a way acquiring the better international academic skills besides the kind of academic exposure gained at the homeland. This will make the student a better candidate at the job front and creates more opportunities to excel well at the professional front too.

  5. Friends are always prized possessions in our lives. This education at abroad will give the student an opportunity to have some of the best friends at the college. This could be a blend of students those are from different parts of the world or some from the location of the study. It is always a great learning curve and the best addition to everyone’s life to have such kind of friends.

  6. Studying away from home and home country will make a student more self-reliant. This is a best opportunity for the student to learn more about the self. This self-learning at a foreign country leads to grooming of you into a best professional and best human being in the world.

  7. International education is mainly about learning worldwide trends at the academic as well as professional fronts. This will help you well to understand the worldwide professional trends besides grooming you into a best suitable one for this world too.

  8. Study is all about employment for all of us. Your completed education at abroad will help in better way in this context. It is very common fact that professionals with international academic qualifications seen commonly getting good opportunities at the job front.

  9. 7 Visa Interview Tips Everyone Should know

  10. If education is all about acquiring the valuable degree, then abroad education is a best choice for all. The degree awarded from the foreign nations will always hold more value before the competitors of yours those are with local degrees.
The programme has been created to broaden opportunities for the students who want to study in the U.S. but lack resources or knowledge, said David Finegold. Pursuing a four-year Bachelor's degree in the United States just got cheaper and easier.
American Honors launched a unique programme which promises to cut down under graduate costs of a student by anywhere between 40 per cent and 90 per cent.

Students selected for the programme will study the initial two years in community colleges run by the U.S. Government after which they can study in any established University or College by transferring the credits.

According to the programme coordinators, they have tied up with more than 55 colleges and universities, including Ivy League institutions like Standford, to felicitate the transfer of students.

“The programme has been created to broaden opportunities for the students who want to study in the U.S. but lack resources or knowledge,” said David Finegold, Chief Academic Officer, American Honors.

“Unlike in India, an honors degree in the U.S. context is about soft skills, ability to learn in cross cultural teams and small classes. This way a strong education foundation is laid for the students. In the U.S. or India, there is a widening gap in higher education between ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. This programme will help reduce that inequality for the talented or motivated students who lack the resources.”

The initial two years will not just hone the skills and prepare the students for their upcoming transition, but also give them a fair chance in obtaining scholarships, said Mr. David.

The programme, which was started three years ago for the U.S. and international students, covers various Bachelors courses in Pre-engineering, sciences, humanities, health related fields and others. About 1,400 students from across the globe are enrolled for this programme for this academic year’s fall admission.

The American Honors is also trying to tie up with institutions in the sub-continent so that the selected students can pursue their first year of Bachelors degree programme locally before continuing with the programme in the U.S. from second year.

Interested students can look up for more information or admission process at