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US Consulate General In Hyd Issues Fifth Highest No Of Such Visas In The World

The US consulate general in Hyderabad issues the fifth highest number of student visas in the world and the highest in the country, assistant secretary of state for consular affairs Michele Bond said on Friday .
There are more than 200 US consulates and embassies across the globe.
Speaking at a media interaction in the city, Bond reiterated that a large number of Indian students were pursuing their studies at American universities and said that they comprise the second largest community of students in the US with more than 1,32,000 members.
According to 2015 data, visas were given to around 60,000 Indian students by the US mission in the country that year with a large number being issued by the US consulate general in Hyderabad. While absolute figures were not released, Bond said that the US consulate general in Hyderabad “is a winner“.
Further, of the 1,38,000 H1-B visas sanctioned per year across the world, Indi ans are issued a majority of them, she said. “Typically , on an average, Indians get 70 per cent of them (H1-B visas).This year they are already above that with 72 per cent,“ Bond said. The “level of interest“ in visas on account of the hike in fee, she maintained, has not changed.
Apar t from students, Bond said that a vast major ity of Indian travellers enter the US on tourist and shortterm business visas.
While responding to a question on the screening of Muslims entering the US, as suggested by Republican presidential candidate Donald J Trump, Bond said that there is no discrimination while issuing visas to members of the community and that each application is given a “careful and fair“ review.“We are also focussed on making sure that wherever in the country anybody applies, people are being judged against the same standard which is, in fact, the same standard that we apply all over the world. So there is no discrimination, no difference in how we adjudicate our visa applications.“
Touching upon the issue of Indian students deported from US airports earlier this year, despite having valid visas, she hinted at the possibility of a communication gap between the US consulates or embassies that issue visas and the department of homeland security (DHS). “We are working very very hard to ensure that we are in sync with DHS and that we are screening students and every applicant so that there isn't anything that can prevent them from being admitted to the Unites States,“ she said.

Learning and studying has been an integral part of us throughout the life. This learning approach is always differs and dependent over the age and maturity of the individual while aged can fit well into any kind of training approach with their acquired past experience and skills. Here, students should apply the best methodology based on the present day trends and competition while learning anything that is essential for their academic and professional excellence. Self-preparation is definitely good, but lacks some of the vital aspects those can be fulfilled wisely through a well-designed training.

Let us see 5 important differences between self-preparation and training:


Study Material:

Study material is always a vital medium in the learning process for every student. Here, a student with self-preparation approach will tend to restrict their study with some specific text books while training designed by experts will come up with multiple types of study materials. The knowledge to be acquired through this self-preparation will be limited while being dependent on one particular text book, but exposing with the different study materials will give more chances to enhance the knowledge in better way.

Test Your Preparation:

 It is vital for a student to check their knowledge at regular intervals during the learning tenure. Regular tests will help this in a better way. A student that is with self-preparation will lack this testing opportunity while well-designed training sessions will come up with the best tailor made test modules.

Insightful Learning:

 Learning is mainly to obtain more insight into the subject topic. Here, self-preparation will offer limited insight and limited technical skills with the subject topic as the expert teaching in a training program will suffice this aspect to the full extent successfully. It is always a great plus for a student to learn about the subject from the experts as the self-training fail to offer the needed insightful learning experience for sure.


There should be constant assessment procedures on learning practices. A student with self-preparation will learn the subject through basic approaches, but fails to assess what was learned. This assessment is always good from the subject expert. A well-designed training program in this context will assess the student and makes correction to the learning whenever it is necessary. If this assessment is not there with your learning, then it definitely lacks many aspects of good learning for the student.

Technical and Practical Skills:

 Nowadays, learning is all about acquiring valuable technical and academic skills. These skills acquisition is possible only, when the trainer got good command on the subject topic. A student with self-preparation obviously will lack this kind of command. Whenever, this kind of command is lacking, and then skills acquisition will be definitely at deficit. A well-planned training will satiate this aspect in a better way through engaging an expert to teach these skills in adequate way. An expert trainer will take better care about their students’ learning practices.