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Please read the following information as it is really important for all of us to know and follow...

Recently Universities Representatives had a meeting with US embassy delegates in India and they have been advised to follow a certain procedures, summarised below to ensure that students are genuine and they would get visas without any issues.

​​Regarding GRE or GMAT: Though few Universities / Colleges accept students without GRE or GMAT and based on each individual students Academic consistency, Grade etc., It is advised to students to strictly take GRE or GMAT before applying for the visa. Understood from the Universities that the embassy is really concerned about the GRE or GMAT and students those who have not appeared for either one of these exams would have a high possibility of Visa refusal as it is considered as a mandatory requirement. If students have appeared for any one of the exams then it proves that the student is Genuine and they will be considered as a genuine and serious student who has fulfilled the basic requirements and intention to study in USA and this would really help the students by means of Visa. We strongly recommend all the students to have GRE or GMAT before attending the visa interview.
Regarding Financial Documents: The embassy is really concerned that most of the students are not having the genuine financial ability or documents to prove that they have enough fund for their tuition fee and living expenses for the entire duration of the program. Students are either arranging temporary fund to get the I20 or they get the assistance from some financial agents or educational consultants and this is going to be strictly verified and cross checked by the embassy to ensure that only genuine students with genuine money could enter US for education. All financial documents will be scrutinized and strict action is going to be taken against the students those who show fake certificates or temporary financial documents.

Students could either show education loan letter or if they are sponsored by their parents or relatives then the fund has to be in the account for a long duration and if it is deposited recently then the source of fund has to be given with evidence.

Regarding Visa Appointment: It is advised to all the students to get the appointment from the Embassy which is located in their state for example all students from AP and Telangana should get appointment from US Embassy in Hyderabad and students from other parts of South India should apply in US Embassy, Chennai and students from north should apply in Delhi and west in Mumbai. 
Regarding 1st semester Fee: It is advised students to strictly pay the 1st semester fee before travelling to US. Usually now-a-days, Universities will not register the students those who have not paid the 1st semester fee and will cancel the I-20 for those students.
While preparing GRE, vocabulary study is very often complained as tough by many students. Here, following some tricks and techniques can turn this vocabulary study easy for all. Some of those tricks and techniques are:

Techniques for learning GRE words/terms

  1. Music and songs are very good at connecting well with our mind. It is a better technique to replace your learning new words into your favorite songs and this will help as better memorizing and better understanding of that new word in a way you will never forget it.

  2. Hearing is another better technique in this context. You can try this through searching that word in YouTube videos. These videos with that word will enhance its contextual value for you and these videos hearing with that word will keep it in memory intact for you.

  3. How to apply university admission with Low GRE Score ??.

  4. Flashcards at the gym will be another interesting trick to create wonders with your vocabulary study. The way you repeat each exercise for the perfection at the gym, add it with your learning words repetition too. While body is moving well through exercises keeps your brain more active. So, vocabulary reading added with exercise will enhance your command on that word at the same time keeping it well in your memory too.

  5. Using Google image search is another bet technique here to imprint a new word permanently within your memory lane. When you search a new word on Google through image search will result into many graphical representations. This graphical representation will always be successful to imprint a new word and its contextual meaning permanent over the brain.

  6. Writing is nowadays very much neglected or ignored by many of us. But, it is a best practice to remember a new word. Try to frame a sentence on each and every new word learned in the vocabulary study. This sentence framed by you on own will result into perfect memory for you on that new word.
There are definitely so many other similar ways you can invent and practice in your daily routine to learn GRE words perfectly well.
Education in the USA is always a dream and coveted endeavor for many of the students in the India. Decision to study in the USA is definitely a major one and perfect planning should be made part of your approach for this purpose. Your destination country for the studies is definitely not a dangerous country, but being well prepared in advance with some of the valuable tips can translate your academic experience into rewarding. Some of those safety tips for studying the USA are: 

Safety measures for students who study in US


It is always imperative and wise to be alert and observant while moving around in this new place. Your observations of surroundings will give you a sense of awareness. Being alert can keep you away from any unwanted situations. 


Night is always a time for nocturnal people while most among them can result into threat or danger. It is always good to avoid lonely walks during night at this new place. Crime rate is obviously at high during nights at anywhere in the world. It is our responsibility to be safe during nights though campus police are available at every academic institute or university. Some of the campuses are offering escort during night for the international students through campus police too. It is good to use such services or otherwise keep yourself with the company of groups in the nights during walks without fail.

Valuable Things:

Valuable are necessary to keep in safe rather leaving wherever you want. Crime of theft quite rampant and it is not exempted in the academic campuses too. Nowadays, laptops, tablets, smartphones, wallets and many more are very common possessions for the students. So, keep your valuable belongs always under your control and within the safeguarded place without fail. A theft happened is hard to recover.


Housing is another important aspect for the international students to study in USA. You will have varied options for this purpose in the form of campus dormitory, off campus and some more. It is always safe to keep your doors closed and never allow entry for strangers into it. Use window or door peep hole to find out the visitor and communicate with strangers from the inside of the house only.

Personal Details:

Identity theft is nowadays seen all over the world and this is another important aspect that should be given more concern by the international students in the USA. It is imperative to keep your personal information, credit card details and social security details safe and totally away from stealing by someone. Do not fall for any scams those are intended to dupe you in many forms. Here, it is important to learn for every international student in the USA that they themselves are responsible for their safety through avoiding any unwelcoming situation around.
There will always be two phases of life for the professionals in this world. For engineers, it is always mentioned as BE (Before Engineering) and AE (After Engineering). It is very common for many of the individuals to expect promising future after successful completion of the engineering program, but some seen complaining at this stage too. You can attribute this phenomenon to many factors like competition, confusion, wrong direction, and wrong behaviors.

Higher education or Employment after Engineering

Confusion is definitely an important factor that can lead to bitter experiences for the professional after successful completion of the engineering studies. Here, it is quite imperative for every student to have a proper planning while doing their engineering through judging well their pros and cons with the various subjects in the program. If a student can understand his or her traits in comparison with their command on the various subjects, then they can easily get rid of this confusion at the career selection front. Once after overcoming this confusion factor, competition is there instantly to pull you back from your ambitions and goals. Here, it is always a best thing to understand well your competition and keep yourself a step above to all others. The best way to beat this competition is through developing your profile special and innovative than all others. Then, there is wrong direction is something that can make you end up at wrong places for sure at the career front. There are many opportunities available for you after successful completion of the engineering from the government and private sectors. It is not good to restrict yourself to a particular sector and keep up yourself open to every opportunity that comes on your way. Wrong behavior is another thing that can ruin your profile to the drastic extent. While applying for the jobs, it is imperative to be receptive always. It is not wise to be choosy and take anything that gives you a chance to acquire good experience and exposure at the real work front. 

Higher Education

Every year many engineers are passing out from the colleges in India and among them some will look for the jobs while others intended to pursue their higher education. Masters in technology is the next level of academics you can choose after the successful completion of the engineering. Graduate engineers need to take GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering) to obtain admission into the masters. Very often, successful completion of this GATE will entitle you to bag the job in the best Public Sector Units like BEL, NTPC, HPCL, Gail and some more too. Students those qualified in GATE will be offered with stipend too. This successful completion of Masters will again entitle you to take up the best jobs those are available or otherwise interested students will have chance to pursue research on their field too. Also, there is another diversification to choose after this master program too. People with interest for business management can take up management programs in addition through taking up another exam as MAT or CAT. It is possible to pursue this master’s program in India as well as in abroad too. People interested in pursuing this program in abroad need to take up GRE as well as TOEFL or IELTS or TOEIC in addition. This program successful completion in abroad can open wide vistas for you at the global landscape with lucrative pay packages and additional benefits. It is all in how you plan and how you succeed with it at the academic front and it will ensure a bright career path for your future.

Importance of TOEFL / IELTS for your University Admission


Employment is always a best approach for all to obtain the best practical exposure and experience in the field. It is always a wise step for all to acquire little experience to plan their future brighter. Nowadays, employers are choosier about their employees. They look for special skills besides general and technical aptitude. It is important for the job seeker to be aware of these interests of the employers in order to improve their success rate at the job securing front. Keep yourself a best combination of a social intelligence and emotional intelligence besides acquiring special skills. The present day trends in India are motivating an engineering graduate to be an entrepreneur too. There are plenty of choices to make for this purpose besides the huge encouragement from the government too. Now, there are wide array of choices surrounded to an engineering graduate to select either to be an employee or an employer.