SOP Writing Secrets to Win Admission into Premier Institutions

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Statement of purpose is always your way to elevate well your candidature above to other applicants. This is a statement to offer detailed overview of the applicant besides to the acquired grades, test scores and additional requirements. It will present you in a whole new approach to the admission selection committee to review or evaluate your candidature. It is obviously a best opportunity for every applicant to present their candidature in a better way than all others and it will lay a successful path for the admission easily.

Statement of Purpose writing secrets

Salient aspects of your SOP:

  • It is always a successful approach to start your SOP with the best opening lines or in the form of well written paragraphs.
  • It is imperative to this statement to offer the best glimpse of the personality of the applicant.
  • Convey well in it the subject command and past academic preparation in a way to make it as a best suitability to the applied program.
  • It is highly essential to include in the statement your understanding over the chosen program through mentioning well the challenges and rewards involved in it.
  • It is important that the statement and its content should demonstrate well the applicant’s maturity levels, stamina, compassion, leadership qualities and teamwork abilities.
  • It is always a best approach to describe your emotions through taking an event as an example with detailing well in it.

How to Turn Your SOP into Winning Format Explained:

  1. Writing a winning SOP is not alone about your academic experiences and it is always wise to add it with some additional information. It is always a best way to present you with life experiences in it like the kind of journey you traveled in the life so far and the kind of experiences stored in it. You can add your past triumphs and bitter experiences in a way to display well your abilities and maturity to the selection committee.
  2. Passion is another important thing that should be displayed in detail through this statement of purpose. Here, it is a good approach to write this on the chosen program by mentioning, how it would be more inspiring for you to reach well your future goals and ambitions through the successful completion of the chosen program.
  3. It is always essential to write this statement with telling effect in a way each and every word in it can make a mark over the reader. This kind of story telling will always have its rewarding effect in return for sure.
  4. This statement should present your knowledge and command on the program in detail. Here, it is good to illustrate a research of a professor or a special theory in it.
  5. It is always essential to keep your statement genuine and real with no chances to cheat.
  6. It is very common for many of the applicants to be blank while intended to write this statement, but you have to overcome this situation with motivating approach.
  7. It is important to add this statement with your past achievements, hobbies, failures, dislikes, likes and volunteer working if any.

Yours SOP Structure

It is good to keep this statement with three parts. The first part in it should be assigned to summarize chosen program and particular research intended to be performed by you in it. The second part in it should be utilized to list college experiences and exactly, what lead you to choose this program. Also, include in it about your school endeavors, summer job experiences, research experiences and some more. The third part is good to use to write about yours interest on graduate school. Here, it is a good approach to write about your interest and idea on the chosen program through mentioning about the kind of research planned by you in it.

Writing Structure for SOP:

  • Introduction: Your introduction part of the SOP should tell about your planned study. It is good to write here about your major subjects and their importance.
  • Past Academics: It is a best approach to summarize your undergraduate study and mention in detail about your past classes those motivated you to choose the planned program now.
  • Past Research: Mention your past academic research project and your responsibilities in it. Here, it is imperative to keep the details of this project totally technical as the readers will always be professors.
  • Past Experiences: List your past work experiences and volunteering experiences in detail through matching them all well with the chosen program.
  • Future Ambition: Write in detail, what is that you intended to acquire through this chosen program. This should mention more about your future ambitions and goals and how the chosen program successful completion can make it reality for you.
  • Area of Interest: You should write about your area of interest in the chosen program.
SOP definitely plays a vital role in the admission selection procedure and writing it in the way the selection committee can appreciate it will be the best way to winning your spot.

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