Low GRE Score !!! Still get admission in best universities. See how ??

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Low GRE score- still get admission

GRE Score definitely plays a vital role in the university admission securing procedure, but low score is not a hassle here too. It is very common for the students to worry about their low GRE score and it is very often making them to lose their hope too. It is possible for a student to secure university admission with low GRE score through keeping the profile stronger in whole.

Graduate Record Exam is important, but not everything in the admission procedure. Low scoring cannot keep your admission success chances at stake for sure. Also, there is a myth that low scoring will keep you away from the admission into the best universities too. Here, best universities always evaluate an application with a holistic strategy. Applicant’s SOP, academic scores, letter of recommendations and some more will be offered extra value in the admission procedure too.

You can aim for a best university admission still through emphasizing more on other aspects here like:

SOP or Statement of purpose

The SOP you create for your university admission will play an important role in the admission procedure. Applicant should make good use of their SOP while scored low with GRE. This statement should display your skills and abilities in a professional manner to the admission committee. Write your aims and goals in a better way connected well with the chosen program in the SOP. Here, your statement should present you as a best suitable student for the program with all the best salient parts intact in it.

Adding Experience

Prior work experience is another great help for the applicant while GRE score is low and it will create a safe path for the admission through convincing well the admission committee. Here, you can make good use of your practical work or publishing in the undergraduate program or internship in the reputed firms with similar field as the chosen program can improve your admission success chances to the greater extent.

Academic Scores

Yours finished undergraduate scoring is another thing that is considered in detail for the admission sanctioning by the university. Higher GPA is always a great help, but having little higher than minimum GPA 3.0 can also satiate well to the situation.

Project in Final Year

It is highly imperative for you to highlight well your final year project while GRE score is low. Explain in detail about your project and its aims and objectives. Also, letter of recommendation from the government professor or an IIT professor kind of additions can gain weight-age for your application too.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Academic endeavors are definitely part of every applicant’s candidature and added extracurricular activities in the profile can gain more attention for your application from the admission committee too. Adding some of yours sports endeavors, volunteering activities and some more will improve your candidature to a maximum extent in a way to fill the gap of the low GRE score successfully.

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