7 Visa Interview Tips Everyone Should know

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Visa interview is always a crucial part for non-immigrant visas. For any type of non-immigrant visa, it is imperative to be careful and wise to follow some of the helpful tips too. Below are the few tips in this context to be successful with your upcoming visa interview visa Faq's.
  1. It is very common perspective for the visa consular to look into non-immigrant visa applicants as the intended immigrants. So, it is imperative for the visa applicant to convince the consular officer that you’re not an intended immigrant. Applicant should specify the reasons in detail for returning back to home country in a stronger way. Especially, students leaving abroad for education on non-immigrant visas should specify well to the visa consular that they will be coming back for the jobs to their home country after successful completion of the academic program.

  2. English proficiency is another thing that is capable enough to rule the visa interview success. It is always a good step to practice English prior to this interview with native English speakers. If you’re leaving to the US to study English, then it is imperative to explain how the learned English is going to be helpful for you in the home country.

  3. It is highly important for the visa applicant to talk on own rather to bring parents or someone for the interview. Accompanying with someone for this interview can create wrong opinion. Here, parents are allowed for this interview in the case of minor students those are applying for the high school programs. Counselor will ask questions about the funding from the parents with this kind of visa applications.

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  5. Students applying for visa should be more careful here and they should be well equipped with the information about the chosen program and its help for their future career path. Student should explain how the chosen program can be helpful for the future career goals and aims at the same time proving it well that intention is not for the immigration

  6. It is important to be concise and short from your side for the interview. You should keep all your supporting documents ready in a manner easy and quick to verify for the consular officer. If there are any supporting written documents from your side, then make them short and clear in a way time will not be wasted for the interviewing counselor. It will create good opinion on you.

  7. If you’re on a study visa and you have dependents back home, then there is a chance for the visa counselor to ask you about their sustenance and support. It will be very crucial, when you’re the primary source of income to your family behind to you too.  You should come up with reasonable answers in this kind of situation otherwise chances are more to deny your visa.

  8. It is not good or right to engage into argument with consular officer. It is always important for the visa applicant to maintain positive attitude throughout the interview.

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